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Baja Girl + Friends of Baja Animals

We’re Helping Baja Animals, Here’s How You Can Too!

Talk about the perfect couple! Baja Girl Jewelry is excited to announce a partnership with California based non-profit, Friends of Baja Animals. (

They are true heroes in Baja, Mexico. Along with feeding and caring for animals of Baja California in Mexico, they raise money to help care for abandoned or abused animals in the Northern Baja region. They support local shelters by donating food, supplies, vet care, medicines and cash among many other items. FBA would like to help supply some of these needed items to qualified shelters and organizations that do good work. With the help of friends, donors and corporations, they keep shelters and organizations in Baja supplied with what they need and allow them to do the job that they are passionate about, that of saving hurt and abandoned dogs and cats.

This non-profit hold a special place in my heart because of my resume dog named Solo. He was found malnourished and alone as a tiny puppy on a mountain bike trail in Pinta San Carlos, Baja.

How can you help? We have designed a Friends of Baja Animals bracelet pack specifically to raise money for Friends of Baja Animals. Over 50% of the proceeds is donated to support the amazing work they are doing. Check out their website for volunteering and adoption opportunities on their website!