Baja Girl Jewelry got it’s start with a small idea. To use shells from the beach in Baja to make jewelry. I took a jewelry class at a local bead store, bought a few tools, and started making bracelets on the no-wave days. It grew from this small idea to a bigger dream of making nature-inspired jewelry and to remember our favorite places like the one we call home for half of the year, Baja California. Baja Girl Jewelry was officially start in June 2018, thanks to the inspiration and encouragement from ocean lovers like me.
My husband, Joey, and live and breathe to be outside and enjoy many activities including windsurfing and kitesurfing, surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing… however, everyone that meets us can easily tell that the center of our world is our dog, Solo.
Solo found us down in Punta San Carlos, Mexico when he was found on an evening ride on a nearby mountain bike trail. He was most likely abandoned by his malnourished mother and had to fend for himself. We think he was about 6 weeks old when he was found, and has been the best addition to our family for the last three years.
With the help of my Baja Girl Jewelry community, I will give a portion of the earnings each year to Compassion Without Borders, a non-profit thats entire focus is helping dogs in Mexico by providing medical care and organizing rescues. Over the next year, Baja Girl Jewelry will also volunteer and hold events to raise money for this cause. All thanks to Solo.
Baja Girl Jewelry is handmade jewelry from the best materials. We only use sterling silver and bronze for the bangles, stacks and earring sets (Gold Filled coming soon!)
We have gotten to know many parts of Baja, California because of living and working at a surf resort in Punta San Carlos. We love getting to know the people here in Baja, and also meeting people from all over the world, including you!
My name is Elise, the founder of Baja Girl Jewelry, feel free to email me anytime! mauielise@gmail.com – I’d love to hear what you’re up to and how Baja Girl Jewelry can be apart of it.
“Baja Girl Jewelry exists to provide beautiful jewelry to benefit the ocean, people and dogs in Mexico.”
From one Baja Girl to another,
— Elise